TSS Trim Saver System


Product Description

A reliable guiding device which give you excellent returns of investment

Key Features :

  • Rapid Web Width Changes
  • Reduction of waste during width and paper grade changes
  • Smallest Possible Trim
  • Stabilize board and avoid tailout skewing when order change
  • High precision sensor and accurate steering device
  • Automatic closed loop
High Performance :
  • TSS allows reduction of edge trim to a minimum. TSS has a stable and continuous control that will automatically steer the slitter/scorer laterally in real-time position to achieve the smallest possible trim.
  • The position of the web is detected and recorded by a quick respond sensor whose accuracy is +1mm Camera sensor version is optional for looking slit to line when running preprint

The TSS provides an excellent investment opportunity. The TSS quickly pays for itself in trim savings and productivity improvement on all types of corrugators.

Technical Data :

  • Total Weight : 1000 kg
  • System Accuracy : +1mm
  • Protection : IP54
  • Ambient Temperature : +5o~ max 40oC
  • Air Humidity : 20% ~ 85% ( No condensate water)
  • Compressed Air : 4 ~ 6 bar
  • Camera Sensor : Optional on request (for preprint)
  • Working Width min/max : 760 mm / 2840mm
  • Operating Voltage :
    • 400V/50 Hz/3ø
    • 230 V/50 Hz/1ø
  • Power Consumption Max : 3.5kW
  • Current Consumption Max: 9.2 A
  • Control Voltage : 24 VDC