Split Body Web Guiding System


Product Description

A reliable web guiding which give you excellent returns of investment

Key Features :

  • Ensure continuous production
  • Reduction of waste during width and paper grade changes
  • Stable tension control
  • No damage on the side of the webs
  • Reduction of warps
  • Increase production speed
  • High precision sensor and steering device
  • Automatic closed loop
  • 4 rolls compact structure

Precise Steering Control Features

With the feedback from web band sensor, the steering device will accurately steer the single face to align with the bottom liner (master) either align in accordance of the centerline or edge.

Digital Tension Control Features

A quick response closed loop control maintains and monitors the tension at all times to control constant tension for all operating speeds. This allows continuous production for all width by avoiding breakouts due to web slack or jerking. Tension levels can be set for a variety of paper qualities.

The WAM provides an excellent investment opportunity. The WAM quickly pays for itself in waste savings and productivity improvement on all types of corrugators.

Improved Productivity
  • Average corrugators running speed is increased
  • Reduction of waste and better board qualities.

Technical Data :

  • Scanning Web Band Sensor
  • Sensor Resolution : +1mm
  • Guiding Accuracy : +2mm
  • Guiding Mode: Centerline /edge
  • Applicable Machine Speed : Max 400 mpm
  • Supply Voltage : 220 VAC/50 Hz
  • Max Power Consumption : 1 kW
  • Control Mode: Digital Control System
  • Camera Sensor : On Request
  • Web Width Min/ Max : 500mm/1600mm
    • 800mm/1900mm
    • 1100mm/2200mm
    • 1400mm/2500mm
    • Other width on request